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Die Casting Machine

UB-iC Series 350 – 800 ton

China made machine with iS series DNA

UB-iS3 Series 530 – 1300 ton

Next series of Excellent shot performance & energy saving machine

UB-iV Series 1250 – 3550 ton

Next Gen Global Machine with World 1’st energy saving servo pump “I Stop Servo”

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Extrusion Machine

pht01 (2)

NPC SS series, Short Stroke Direct Extrusion

Short Stroke, Stem Slide offer small footprint, outstanding energy efficiency & high productivity presses

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Injection Molding Machine


UF Series 650 ~ 3500 ton

User Friendly controller with new Flex Servo Control Machine



Katoh Kozai

Plunger Sleeve & Tip

Plunger Sleeve & Tip


Hirochiku Furnance


Furnance & Accessories

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Instant Photobook


robotic take out

Robotic System for Die Casting Machine